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Sibarita Oloroso (1792) VORS

The Sibarita Oloroso Solera was founded in 1792 and it’s composed of 106 barrels and only 1.5% of the wine is drawn yearly from each barrel, bottling 206 cases of 3 bottles for the world. Unquestionably the Sibarita solera is one of the most famous and oldest soleras of Jerez. While sold as a VORS (guaranteed minimum age of 30 years) is at least twice that age, and probably older. These old wines have been beautifully looked after the Osborne family, despite their lack of real profitability. They could never be sold for their real value, but help give prestige to the Osborne bodega and Sherry in general. The word Sibarita comes from ‘Sybarite’, meaning a person who dedicates time to finding and enjoying the pleasure of good food and good wines. The Sibarita Oloroso has been blended with <1% Pedro Ximmenez (a dried grape sweetening wine), which has left it with an almost imperceptible 2% residual sugar. It has ultimate power, precision and chess master plan complexity. The tang of ancient dry Oloroso stocks is paired up with the roundness of the Pedro Ximmenez to make rich, dry finishing sherry that is not austere. Also of note is that the winemaker a very long time ago added a bit of PX, but new PX is not continuously added. This was a one time addition.

WHAT MAKES THIS WINE UNIQUE? A unique blend of old soleras dating back to 1792 combining Palomino and PX from its foundation. Extremely limited production showcasing a rich yet dry texture that is rare to find.

RATING HISTORY: Gold Medal~Decanter, 94 WA & "Year's Best Sherry" by W&S Magazine

GRAPE: 99% Palomino, <1% Pedro Ximenez. Vines tended in albariza soil at 70 m (230 ft) elevation from the Macharnudo pago.

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: The fullness of oloroso does best with well textured and fatty foods. Think about dishes that incorporate figs, dates, maple syrup, chocolate and soy sauce. A curried dish works very well as would dish using vanilla, walnuts or almonds and coconut.

VINIFICATION AND AGEING: 30 years of age at bottling (average) from 4 criaderas founded in 1792, RS = 0 g/L

PRODUCTION: 279 cases (3 pack)

LOCATION, SOIL, CLIMATE: Vines tended in Albariza soil at 70 m (230 ft) elevation. With averages highs of 22C (72F) and lows of 13C (56F), there are nearly an impressive 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and the summers are glorious. Most of the 584mm (23 in) of annual rainfall occurs from September through December. All the vines are within the Pago Macharnudo territory, located towards the interior of Jerez. This area produces riper palomino grapes making them more suitable for producing Amontillado and Oloroso style wines.

TASTING NOTES: The NV Sibarita Oloroso VORS is produced with Palomino grapes, balanced with 2% of Pedro Ximenez, something quite common to polish the edges of very old wines, in a solera created in 1792. It has a dark mahogany color, and the nose shows some toffee notes intermixed with roasted coffee, tar, ash and incense. The palate shows good depth, strong acidity, well compensated by the sweetness, and a slightly bitter finish. It stands apart from other Olorosos, with a unique range of aromas and flavors. 1,500 bottles are filled each year. Notes by Luis Gutierrez

UPC CODE: 022851061191
Ignacio Lozano

All photos: Friederike Paetzold