Casteller Cava Rosé

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Winemaker Notes

"With a dark pink color, the wine offers strawberry and floral aromas, ripe flavors and excellent length. If there is a better value in rosé bubbly, I'd like to know about it", writes Jay Miller of The Wine Advocate.

Wine Information

Meant to evoke all things Catalan, Casteller Cava is a bright, zesty expression of the traditional sparkling wine of Penedès. “Casteller,” or “Tower,” refers to the tradition of different clans and villages competing during holiday festivals to see who can build the tallest human tower. References to their presence in popular celebrations, especially in the area of Camp de Tarragona, first started to appear during the eighteenth century.  In 2006, the Casteller tradition was named by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity, owing to its widespread practice in Catalonia over the course of many centuries. This lovely bubbly honors the tradition and conviviality of these festivals and the long tradition of sparkling winemaking in Catalonia. The Casteller Rosé is crafted by winemaker Maria Galup and is made from Trepat, a grape indigenous to Penedès. The bright acidity and soft tannin of Trepat make it ideal for Rosado production, giving Casteller Rose gentle, well integrated structure and mouthwatering red fruit flavors on the palate.

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