Naveran Dama

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Winemaker Notes

This is one of the finest Champagne imitations, or Cavas, I have tasted from Spain. Crisp notes of apple skins, brioche, baking spices and pears emerge from this fragrant, medium-bodied sparkler. It possesses tiny, uniformed bubbles, impressive purity and a heady finish. Consume it over the next 1-2 years.

Wine Information

Naveran Dama is an organic Cava produced on the estate and aimed at achieving longevity and a rich body, according to its proprietor Michel Gillieron Parellada. The Naveran family's winemaking legacy dates back to 1901, and today they cultivate 110 hectares (272 acres) of vineyards in the Alt Penedès subregion, specifically in the town of Torrelavit. Despite Cava being Spain's most exported wine to the U.S., it remains a well-kept secret for its quality and value, as it is crafted using the same traditional methods as Champagne. Caves Naveran is a premium Cava producer that uses estate-grown organic grapes. Naveran Dama, a remarkable Cava, is skillfully crafted by combining Chardonnay for body and volume with Parellada for its vibrant and lively character, which balances the creamy richness of Chardonnay. Champagne enthusiasts will appreciate this Mediterranean "farmer's fizz," particularly when paired with oysters, raw tuna, sushi, or fruit desserts like peaches and sliced oranges, as its refreshing acidity complements them perfectly.

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