Vera Vinho Verde Rosé

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Winemaker Notes

This house was the first to ever produce a Rosé in the Vinho Verde DOC, back in 1991. The blend is 80% Vinhão or ”big wine” in Portuguese. Vinhão is tinturier (red pulp grape) hence the dark color. In addition, Rabo de Anho (20%) an untranslatable, rarely planted grape, adds lightness and freshness to the blend. Floral, crisp, fresh strawberry and watermelon. Tastes like a summer Friday afternoon

Wine Information

Vera Rosé launched with the 2011 vintage. Our ambition was to produce a vinho verde Rosé, taking advantage of the local red varietals available at the property, Vinhao and Rabo de Anho. The same principals as the Vera Branco applied: estate fruit only, less residual sugar and less carbonation; all of which all of which runs against the norm for other offerings from the region. A little known fact about Portuguese winemaking history is that in the 50s and 60s, the Portuguese government, under pressure from the wine industry, resisted the arrival of Coca-Cola and soft drinks. Vinho Verdes, with their light alcohol and slight carbonation, were the soft-drink du jour, the drink people could have for lunch or when meeting with a friend. The Vinho Verde DOC is in northwest Portugal, just north of the warm Douro River Valley. It is rainy, mountainous and intensely green. The Basto sub-region where Vera is located is primarily granite soil, planted inland with vines that are between 10 and 35 years old. Cold damp winters are followed by a mild spring and summer.

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