Osborne Venerable PX (1902) VORS

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Winemaker Notes

The NV Venerable Pedro Ximenez is produced from sun-dried Pedro Ximenez grapes aged in a solera created in 1902 for an average of 30 years. It is dark, opaque mahogany color, and a distinct nose with a lactic and toasted note of toffee and cappuccino coffee that stands it apart from others. The wine is dense and concentrated, very sweet and low in acidity, with a long aftertaste of dark chocolate and dried figs. Notes by Luis Gutierrez. This is so dense and concentrated it feels like you could spread it with a knife. But put the texture aside for a moment and consider the tremendous complexity of the aroma: notes of figs, chestnuts, moist earth and caramelized nuts. Whatever you imagine, this vino-postre has it. One of a collection of rarities from Osborne, this comes from a solera established in 1902. Notes by Patricio Tapia

Wine Information

Osborne is one of the most renown names in the history of Sherry, Brandy. They created the iconic silhouette of the huge black bull that can be seen from the rolling hilltops across Spain to signify their family-owned brands as a way to honor Spanish culture and tradition. The venerable history was initiated by Englishman Thomas Osborne, who started shipping his Sherries in 1804. The Venerable solera is the most recent of the four VORS wines from Osborne, dating from 1902. It is made entirely out of ancient stocks of raisinated Pedro Ximenez grapes and produced in miniscule quantities within the fractional blending system of sherry. The Osborne family are stewards of this ancient solera despite their lack of real profitability. 270 3 pks produced.

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