Nortico Rosé

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Winemaker Notes

40% Alvarelhao, 40% Pedral, 20% Vinhao. Alvarelhao and Pedral contribute freshness and complexity and Vinhao brings volume and weight. On the nose, bright red berry and watermelon fruit are complemented by saline minerality. On the palate, light, fresh and delicate, with mouthwatering red fruit and refreshing acidity.

Wine Information

Nortico Rosé is produced on the south bank of the Minho River in plots so small they are called jardins, or gardens. Soils here are granite and schist, and though it sees a lot of rainfall (up to 2,000mm/80 inches annually) the inland area is warmer than the coast, allowing for perfect ripening and balance in the fruit. Historically, this area was known for red wines, vinhos tintos. These light aromatic reds were locally called Palhete. This elegant, dry rosé evokes that style and pays homage to the handcrafted nature of not just the wines but all artisanal products hailing from northern Portugal. To this day, tiles are produced exactly like in the 18th century, each one shaped from scratch and painted by hand. Walking the streets of Oporto or Lisboa you may encounter tiles on both modest and important buildings, in churches, hospitals, and stores, in private houses and public gardens. Tiles are a durable building material, and an early form of storytelling and graphic design. We wanted the Nortico label to evoke those tiles to capture that spirit and Portuguese design.

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