Escalada Do Bibei

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Winemaker Notes

Dark Ruby core. On the nose smokey and slightly meaty roasted dark red fruit give way to cola nut and garam masala spices of Mace, Cinnamon, clove cumin and fennel. On the palate the warm baking spices compliment the boysenberry, black currant and dried violet notes and fine-grained tannin.

Wine Information

Escalada Do Bibei represents a revival of a style of wine that once upon a time was popular in the high elevation region of Valdeorras. Today Valdeorras is mostly known for the production of white Godello grapes, however before the 1800s, this region was known for the production of red wine, specifically grapes like Merenzao, which are rare to find today. Escalada Do Bibei is a blend of Merenzao, Mencía and Brancellao. Merenzao and Brancellao are very aromatic, offering aromas of strawberries and violets. In Portugal, the Merenzao grape takes the name of Bastardo and in France, specifically in the Jura region, it takes the name of Trousseau. Mencía provides body and Brancellao contributes acidity. The vineyards of this rare wine are near the cliffs of the Bibei River which is more narrow and steep than the neighboring Sil river. Valdeorras is known for its altitude and mineral soils composed of slate and granite. The region is in between Bierzo and Ribeira Sacra, but its climate is very different. Its higher elevation brings cooler nights and mornings, producing grapes with uplifted tones and refined tannins.

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